Data Center Colocation offers a free service for customers to evaluate Tier One colocation service providers to install and maintain their own (or provider-owned) IT infrastructure at the colocation services data center.   Typically, the colocation services data center will provide data center space (colocation space), power and Internet.  The data center space (colocation space) is provided in cage space, cabinets or racks.   Some of the colocation providers will offer additional colocation services to include Firewall Management, Tape Backup, SAN Management, OS Management, Load Balancing and other colocation services.  Pricing for Colocation Services can start for as low as $50/month. will provide you with quotes for your colocation solution by putting you in direct contact with the colocation provider.  That being said, this is a completely free, No Obligation service, it is entirely up to you to move forward with your colocation initiative.  Once in contact with the colocation provider, you can change your requirements or negotiate your own solution as you see fit. is happy to provide any additional insight or information you may need, just contact us.

To obtain No Obligation, free quotes for colocation services, just submit your specific colocation requirements and we’ll provide you with multiple proposals within 24 hours for your colocation solution.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly to further discuss your colocation requirements.  We certainly appreciate the opportunity to provide you with all of the colocation quotes. 

Tier 1 colocation providers will compete for your colocation business based on your specific requirements.  Using will enable you to compare solutions, prices, Operational support processes, certifications and technology between the different providers.  By having insight into multiple colocation providers, you will be creating a competitive assessment between colocation providers to ensure you receive the best solution at the best price, all with zero obligations to conduct business with any of the colocation providers.

Specifically, we provide Cloud Options Nationwide, and Colocation options for:

Atlanta Colocation

Charlotte Colocation

Jacksonville Colocation

Nashville Colocation

Raleigh Colocation

Tampa Bay Colocation